Grand Avega | Hyundai 2011

Hyundai Grand Avega 2011 is the car that can be said medium hatchback city car. Form that almost resembles a car with a Hyundai Verna car RB.

2011 Hyundai Grand Avega bentu the front headlamp has a capacity of 1400 cc and dynamic fog lamp (fog lights) is clear. This car also has a very clear form of indentations, so that makes this car look more beautiful and dynamic.

Hyundai Grand Avega 2011 have colors that are very attractive, with 6 color options available, including: Color cystal White, Phantom Black, Carbon Gray, Volester Red, Silver Sleck, and Clean Blue. And the back of the car shape almost resembling a BMW X1.
While the interior of the Hyundai Grand Avega, have a seat with a curve model semibucket (makes us comfortable to stay the night sitting in the car). Having the front cabin is spacious, equipped with a compatible for the iPhone and Blacberry comfortable with audio controls. And the garage area, making us nyamaan to bring a lot of luggage.

Grand Avega 2011 has a capacity of 1400 cc engine DOHC. This car is also fuel efficient, have the two options for the transmission of Grand Avega 2011 Hyundai car with 4 speed Automatic shiftronik and Hyundai Grand Avega 2011 Manual 5 speed.