Geely Panda car

Geely Panda - This car is a car named Geely Panda because of this car resembles an animal panda face on the front, while the back legs built like pandas. And the shape is round and short car, Geely Panda cars are cars made ​​in China. Geely Panda has an extremely attractive colors and various options, such as silver, green, red (pink), white and yellow.

Geely Panda cars around 178 cm tall, with four-cylinder engine that produces power capacity aakan 85 hp. To set the position for the driver so the car is equipped with a tilt steering has the advantage to suit the driver's position. And the steering dilengkapin with power steering, electric mirrors and GPS.

Having a reliable security system, for example, the car will sound an alarm, if the speed is achieved over 120 km / h, but it does not bother us while driving (because it's just a warning only), the alarm will stop itself if the speed has been reduced. Geely Panda car also has tools for setting an automatic car rearview mirror, also has ac mopobil a fairly comfortable, well equipped with air pockets in the front (for safety, in case of collision).

Geely Panda car with a tiny form that makes a lot of car lovers to buy it. This car can be said citycar that does not require a lot of room for parking.