Harley Davidson 2011

A prestigious motor, among the youth of today. But what a pity if only to have and use, but do not know their origins. The word people do not know it is not love.
Photo Arnold with pd Harlienya motor terminator film
Let's look at the history of Harley Davidson motorcycles coveted.

First time in an area called the Milwaukee United States. In the 1920's, two young men named William Harley and Arthur Davidson, create a simple machine. With a machine that has a capacity of only 60 cc, and uses a single cylinder engine, which is the first time their creations. Because it was created by two young men then their name immortalized as the name of a prestigious motor is HARLEY Davidson.
Image of the first motor
Not only there, Harley Davidson developed a two-cylinder motorcycle engines are configured the same letters V with an angle of 45 degrees. With a capacity of machine-like about seven horsepower, which is about 790 cc. It is a pride for them, so they ventured to produce these motors, and in fact very popular among many at the time.
In 1928, Harlie Davidson motorcycle had a greater capacity of 1184 cc sekitas with fixed configuration like the letter V. Even more complete again with the front brake motor.
While in the state of economic recession that occurred in 1933, Harley Davidson stayed on, despite having to face the biggest rival of the Indian nations who also created the motor cool. For that Harlie Davidson motorcycles rose by creating yanng EL model should be entitled capacity of 976 cc.
With persistence Harley Davidson never gave up, was able to achieve the award of a medal "E" of the U.S. Navy. And around the 1948's, Harley Davidson developed a more machine equipped with cylinder head of aluminum and hydraulic valve lifters, called the machine "THE Panhead".
Not until here struggle Harlie Davidson, was nine years later around 1957, created more sophisticated motor with the title The Father of Superbikes. Then refined again using hydraulic rear suspension to complement the front suspension.
Because the development of Harlie Davidson motorcycle that increasingly advanced and sophisticated, so ogled filmmakers to participate and enjoy the world's prestigious motor. Thus was born a movie starring Marlon Brando. And many artists who enliven Harlie Davidson motorcycle world as Elvis Presley, who more famously by Arnold Schwarzeneger appearance in a movie called Terminator the pertengahantahun 1990. With the movie, invite some of the youth to form groups officially prestigious Harlie Davidson motorcycle riders in 1983. The group is more famous for their distinctive characteristics, such as leather jackets with logos that have been determined, long godrong haircuts and body full of tattoos, as a self-identity (group Harlie Davidson). The group calling itself the HOG (Harlie OWNER GROUP).
Although now the existence of a large motorcycle in the world, the more heat with the competition from various brands such as Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. But Harlie Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts should keep the spirit of ....., and confident. Learn its history so sure ..... proud Harlie Davidson motorcycle that you have.